2015 Tristar Gameday Greats 8-box - Hit Draft

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2015 Tristar Gameday Greats 8-box Case Break - Hit Draft

8 Total Spots

LIVE HIT DRAFT - Draft Order determined LIVE via

  • All participants names will be listed in the list randomizer in the order SPOTS were taken. 
  • Virtual Dice will be rolled LIVE on camera to determine how many times the list of participants names will be randomized LIVE (ROLL UNTIL 3 or HIGHER).  
  • Final randomization shuffle determines the DRAFT ORDER 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...etc from Top to Bottom.
  • FACTORY SEALED CASE will be opened LIVE ONLINE with each item being displayed LIVE on camera.
  • Once all items have been revealed; participant in Slot #1 will select a card, followed by participants 2,3,4,5...etc. 
Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 6 Autograph Jerseys; 2 Full Size Autograph Helmets.