Big Texas Breaks offers sports fans, and collectors, a way to collect memorabilia in a different and affordable way.  Big Texas Breaks will host LIVE ONLINE breaks of sports card boxes/cases.  Boxes and cases of high end sports cards can cost hundreds even thousands of dollars; breaks are when people pool their money together to purchase a product and divide the teams up amongst themselves.  In this case Teams are established via Random Drawing; once teams are established you will have shipped the cards from the team you receive (DETAILS IN LISTING).  For a fraction of the cost, you could potentially get the box/case hit worth hundreds of dollars….

  • Random Team Style breaks described below. All Teams priced the same and are established via Random drawing, once teams are established you will have shipped the cards from the team you receive (DETAILS IN LISTING).  This allows all the chance at the Big Teams.
In review, a person can purchase a $25 team from a $1000 case and potentially HIT a card worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Sounds good to me; $25 for a $1000 card....


WE will offer TEAM or DIVISION spots (MULTIPLE SPOTS MAY BE PURCHASED) for sell online at www.BIGTEXASBREAKS.COM .  Once the preset date arrives, we will host a LIVE ONLINE BREAK.  WE will then randomize teams and participants names (Each spot purchased is an ENTRY) to determine which team you will own the rights to.  Amount of times lists are randomized is determined by roll of a die (Roll until 3 or higher).  NOTE: BOTH TEAM AND PARTICIPANT NAMES WILL BE SHUFFLED Live Online on RANDOM.ORG via LIVE Feed on BigTexasBreaks website "Watch Live" link.
Random Teams allows everyone the chance at the BIG HITS!!!

When the team spots are determined, we will cut open the FACTORY SEALED cases LIVE ONLINE, AND REVEAL THE CARDS.  All breaking of sealed boxes and team randomization will be done LIVE ON CAMERA.
Guests who purchase spots WILL RECEIVE the cards that are revealed for their team/teams in the mail (DETAILS IN LISTING); safe and secure in bubble wrap mailer.  All breaks will recorded and posted on YOUTUBE channel bigtexasbreaks for later viewing also.  You have the option to watch LIVE or at your convenience on or YouTube channel.
  •  In the event of a dual or quad auto card, all TEAMS on card will be entered into a random drawing on RANDOM.ORG. WE will then roll a die to see how many times we will shuffle the list.  We will roll until 3 or higher.  After shuffles have been completed, the owner of TEAM at the top of the list wins the card.
  • Cards will always go to the team that is represented on the back of the card; if no team is on back of the card the players jersey will be used.
  • If a card is pulled that does not have a players jersey, or any other form of team identifying markings, the card will go to the team the player played the most years for.